Welcome to Greater Manchester Blood Bikes

Greater Manchester Blood Bikes is the only blood bikes charity operating in Greater Manchester and we transport blood, plasma, platelets, samples, vaccines, donor breast milk and  any other urgently required medical items to hospitals and healthcare sites.

The service we offer is provided free of charge to NHS facilities and we can only do this because of our amazing volunteers, who are all giving their time for no pay or reward.

Our service allows the local NHS teams we work with to divert funds they would have spent on costly on-demand couriers, to those services where they are needed most within the communities we serve.

We work alongside a network of other blood bike charities covering a large proportion of the country and often take part in relay runs with them, where products need to be transported longer distances.

We do not receive any payment for our services, or any form of subsidy or government funding and we only exist because of the generosity of individuals, organisations, groups and businesses who support us with donations and sponsorships.  

We have no offices, vehicle or general storage facilities to pay for, our volunteers kindly use their own phones and we undertake as many of our support functions as possible to keep our costs down.

As a result of how we operate, this means every single donation we receive goes directly into operational delivery of the charity services.

Our Fleet of Bikes and Cars

Keeping our bikes and cars running is a full-time job, only we don't have employees, so our wonderful volunteers make sure our vehicles are clean and defects are resolved as soon as possible, as well as the wonderful support we receive from donations, sponsorship and suppliers.  Our bikes and cars are available for sponsorship, covering the vehicle, fuel and/or servicing.  In return for this amazing support we will use your logo on the bike or car and share the story on our social media outlets.

If that's something that would interest you please click the bike or car buttons below or selct from the menu above.  Please use the contact form for more information.

Just £3.00 pays for the bike fuel for one potentially lifesaving delivery of urgent blood to a local hospital.

Can you help us make another delivery ?

If so please click the link here and donate just £3.00


GMBB Crimewatch Live

BBC Crimewatch Live Featured Greater Manchester Blood Bikes

Watch the video to see our team in action

Book us for your event

We would love to support your event and we can usually send one of our bikes or cars as well.   Please click below to see how we can work with you.

The cargo we deliver, Whatever the amount,Our volunteers know for those who lie waiting, Every drop will count!

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